Natural Flooring 

Natural flooring allows you to make a real statement by bringing nature inside. You can choose from Seagrass, Coir, Sisal, and Jute fibres to produce a stylish and contemporary floor covering. You can also take comfort in the knowledge that you have invested in an ethical and sustainably sourced flooring too.
Coir carpets are rich, resilient and tactile, being crafted from coconut husk fibres that have been softened in sea water.
Jute is hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant and provides a natural, uplifting feel. It’s soft and silken and available in tight boucle or herringbone designs.
Seagrass is grown in coastal meadows on the banks of Vietnamese rivers and creates a very textural and tropical look.
Sisal is both versatile and hardwearing. In a fine weave, sisal is intricate and tactile, whilst chunky sisal provides a multi-hued depth.