Rugs & Door Mats


We stock a wide range of beautiful rugs and mats for all areas of your home. You can choose from a variety of sizes in wool, sisal, and more materials.

The standard sizes we keep in stock are;

3 x 2 (whipped)

4 x 2 (whipped)

5 x 3 (whipped and bound)

6 x 2 (whipped) – ideal entrance runner

6 x 4 (whipped and bound)

7 x 5 (whipped)

8 x 5 (whipped and bound)

Standard door mat size


*Please note; if you are looking for a rug that doesn’t match these standard sizes – we can make your rug to order from any of the carpet/natural flooring samples that we have displayed in the shop. However please be aware that you will usually pay for more material than what is actually required dependent on the roll size of the carpet chosen for your rug.

We are able to whip rugs that you bring into us – many customers like to whip any carpet remnants after having it laid in their homes. This provides coordinating rugs to carpet and reduces wastage. We can also offer to have your rugs/off cuts bound in a choice of colours and styles to help create a unique piece.