Woods – solid, engineered & laminate

Wooden flooring can add beautifully natural elements to your home. Available in varying types; you can find the perfect wooden or wood-effect flooring to suit you. 
Tough and resilient, wooden floors can cope with busy family life, or high traffic office spaces in many different kinds of rooms and spaces.

Solid Wood

Solid wood not only offers strength and durability, but also the tactile sensation of it’s natural wood texture. The use of hardwoods such as oak and walnut are common in solid wood flooring. It is a good insulator of heat and feels confident and strong underfoot. 

Each board of wood is engineered from a single piece of timber that has been graded and machined with a ‘tongue and groove’ on all sides for an accurate installation. 

Different finishes are available to help emphasise aspects of the woods natural character, highlighting the grain patterns, hues and rustic textures. 

Engineered Wood

At first look, engineered wood has the same natural beauty as solid woods flooring. The same textures, colours and finishes are present. 

However the boards are constructed in a different way in order to make the floor more versatile , and more practical in todays typical busy home. 

Unlike solid wood, engineered offers a solution to the expansion and contraction that can occur when working alongside central or underfloor heating. The structure of layers on an engineered plank allows for stability, strength and balance providing a long lasting, gorgeous floor. 


Laminate flooring looks just like real wood – it is tough, scratch-resistant and long lasting thanks to the latest manufacturing techniques used. 

It is also very affordable in comparison to an all-wood alternative. 

The surface of a laminate plank has an authentic wood print pattern applied which is then covered in a tough layer of melamine. Underneath, the core is strong and flexible and is less likely to warp than real-wood. The bottom layer is then backed with cellulose which helps keep them steady on the sub floor. Some laminates have a locking system meaning they can provide a ‘floating floor’.

You can still choose from a variety of natural wood looks and rustic finishes that a real wood floor can provide, it is simply mocked up in the top layer pattern. 

Solid Wood

‘York Range’ by Woodpecker

  • 18mm thick
  • Rustic Grade
  • Joint – Tongue And Groove

Engineered Wood

‘Duo Living XL’ by Kersaint Cobb

  • 14mm thick
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Installed as a ‘floating floor’


‘Quattro Vintage’ by Balterio

  • 8mm thick
  • 25 year residential warranty
  • Embossed touch gives ‘true to nature’ feel